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If you are considered the "tailgate king" in your circle of friends or family, or if you are known for organizing the ultimate in game day get-togethers, then we have the perfect bundle for you - The Tailgate Box. Guaranteed to please everyone at your game day cookout or any weekend cookout. 

This box will include:

  • 6 Pork Chop  8oz
  • 4 New York Strip  12oz
  • 8 Steaks Patties 5.33oz
  • 8 Boneless Chicken Breast 5oz

All of our beef is all natural, certified butcher cut, guaranteed, and raised by the top American growers from the Midwest. 

Our products are individually packaged and freezer-friendly. You can spend more time enjoying friends and family, and less time preparing meals. 

We know that a tailgate party can be the highlight of the week whether its in the backyard or at the stadium. We designed the tailgate box to hit on a variety of grilling favorites so that everyone in attendance can enjoy. 

Pick up the Tailgate Box today and ...GO TEAM!! 

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