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The T Bone Box - Primehouse Direct
The T Bone Box
$239.99 $329.99
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The Burger Lover's Box - Primehouse Direct
The Burger Lover's Box
$49.99 $59.99
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The Chicken Box - Primehouse Direct
The Chicken Box
$179.99 $219.99
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The Essential Trio Box - Primehouse Direct
The Essential Trio Box
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Primehouse Pork Variety Bundle - Primehouse Direct
Primehouse Pork Variety Bundle
$159.99 $239.99
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The Big 3 Box - Primehouse Direct
The Big 3 Box
$189.99 $229.99
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The Tailgate Box - Primehouse Direct
The Tailgate Box
$99.99 $129.99
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The New Yorker Box beef - Primehouse Direct
The New Yorker Box
From $189.99 $229.99
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Mikel Byrge at Rural King in Lake Wales, FL helped me get 48 steaks for $4 each. Best steak company I've seen in years.

- Debbie L.

I was down in Palatka and spoke to Cleo. She was very friendly and had an amazing personality. The meat was of great quality. Definitely worth stopping by.

- Tierney P.

I went yesterday and got a case. They were some of the best steaks I've ever eaten!

- Kao W.

This is really good meat.

- Madeline Y.

Sent to my son. Looks terrific!

- Carole W.

I must admit I was a little skeptical, but I purchased the steaks to try them. I enjoyed every delicious bite! I will buy more for sure

- Shirley F.

The meat is really tender. We are happy to have bought some.

- April M.W.J.

I bought a huge box of different kinds on Wednesday. Sent my husband back today to get more. This isn't like the other food trucks!

- Koa W.

Some of the best meat I have bought.

- Penni R.

A big thumbs up. I had the New York strips last night and they were tasty, moist, tender and worth going to check out!

- Dolores F.

I purchased a box of steaks for the first time this past Wednesday. I cooked them on the George Foreman Grill—very good!

- Greg G.

I bought the two for $20 ribeye bundle and the shrimp bundle. The ribeye is delicious.

- Patricia G.

Bought the beef box and grilled the filet, New York strip and chop steak this evening. Very delicious! Glad I made the purchase.

- Ronnie Y.

Well worth going to!!! I'm happy with my purchase!!!

- Elaine R.

They're phenomenal. We bought two cases of meat and love it all!

- Aprill M.

It's phenomenal!

- Justin M.

I bought some of their steaks, and they are delicious.

- Charlotte D.C.

We bought a steak package and grilled two of the strip steaks. Really good.

- Linda G.

Got mine in Paris, Tennessee yesterday. I griddled some steaks today, and they were incredible!

- Joe B.

Cooked some of the ribeye and N.Y. strips tonight and they were delicious!

- Tammie K.W.

We got some last year, and they were good.

- Betty C.

This meat is delish! I was pleasantly surprised!

- Jakki A.H.

My wife bought three boxes Saturday. The t-bones were huge and tasted great!!

- B.D.

Omg!!! I love your steaks!

- Ginnice S.S.

They came to SC. I bought the stuff and it's delicious.

- Reva A.S.

We got some today and had steak tonight. Delicious.

- Brenda W.

I tried the chopped steak last night. It was delicious. Tried the chicken tonight and it was good too.

- Dianne C.

We are super pleased with our purchase. The taste is great.

- Vicky T.

I would like to take the time to say your customer service is excellent, and I love your products. I first found out about your company through a Facebook posting for the truckload event in Bonita Springs, FL. The gentleman was helpful and courteous. I thank you all at The Prime House Direct for your assistance and high quality service. I am excited for my family to receive their order. I will definitely be making many more orders in the near future. Thank you again.

- Unknown

This food is excellent. Flavorful and easy to cook. You won't be disappointed.

- Tammy F.

We cooked our steaks today that we got yesterday. They are so yummy. They have different steaks like breakfast steaks, ribeye and more!

- Christy W.H.

Bought today and cooked some. Delicious and a good deal.

- Phyllis H.

Been waiting for you to come back! Excellent product and good prices.

- Steve C.

You were at Tractor Supply in Palatka, FL about three months ago. I bought 20 ribeyes for $40. Best steaks I've ever had.

- Monica F.J.

Bought the steak and seafood packages from Anthony. Had the t-bone steaks for dinner tonight. Great taste. Anthony was not pushy making the sales and gave us a great deal. The steaks were very tasty. Would definitely recommend.

- Tim W.

I really appreciate how they work with your budget and provide a great deal based on the item that works for your family. The meat and seafood is of good quality and worth it, especially when food has gotten so expensive.

- Sandra V.

Bought a steak pack in September 2021. Tossed it in the deep freezer. Threw them on the grill Sunday for the Super Bowl and they were super tender! Like butter, baby!

- S. Carter A.

We bought some last spring, and the meat we got was wonderful.

- Patricia J.B.

I will be there on the 12th to get some steaks. My sister said they are awesome.

- Kathryn L.

I got some today and will go back Friday. It is really delicious.

- Mary W.

We buy every time they come to town. Great meat. We stock up.

- Margie D.

Bought some on Saturday and cooked Sunday. Delicious.

- Rick R.

You guys are great. I love the food even if I have to go to the next state.

- Linda C.

This is good meat.

- Jackie B.W.L.

Best steaks ever! So tender that you don't need a knife!

- Donna S.

Got some today. Kids loved the meat, and they are super picky. Going back tomorrow.

- Thewana N.

Very good meat.

- Christine W.

Strip steaks are great!

- Jeanna W.

We grilled some ribeyes last night. Delicious!

- Jason R.

Will be there. We bought from them before and nothing I got was a disappointment. Delish!

- Rhonda C.

Bought from them yesterday and the food was great! Definitely will buy again!

- Kristan B.M.

I bought from Prime House Direct today and had their filet mignon. It was tender and well worth the price. Will buy again.

- Iron Range Cleaning

My daughter told me about these steaks, so we went to the truck sale. I was surprised. It's good quality and great tasting steak. Definitely filling my freezer for the winter.

- Shirley G.

I bought any package I could and then some. This is the best butcher shop I have been to since I lived in Queens, NY. You guys rock in my book.

- Nicholas Z.

I have ordered, and it was all great.

- Matt W.

We bought from them, and they are pretty good. They have good flavor.

- Bonnie P.C.

Made the steak burgers last night. They were very good.

- Holly S.

We tried their ribeye and it was very good. I highly recommend them.

- Dawn C.

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