Prime House Direct is a third generation family-run business based in Georgia that serves the entire country. An industry innovator since 1981, the family helped pioneer the sale of high quality meats direct to consumers and ran one of the largest direct home delivery meat services in the country. Forty five years later, the company continues to evolve in order to bring the very best quality offerings directly to families at huge savings. 

Our service was built to offer all Americans a solution to the limited selection of highly processed and astronomically priced meats produced by the “big beef” industry. Our beef is 100% American grown and sourced from a variety of regional suppliers, processors and farmers all across the country. Millions of pounds of beef, chicken, seafood and pork are sold annually at thousands of promotions held across the nation every year — and growing.

We are driven to provide high-quality American meats at a fair value. Bringing products directly to customers via truck events and online orders allows us to cut out the middleman to keep prices low. We offer a variety of cuts/selections and offerings at a range of price points, from breakfast-cut ribeyes and grass-fed T-bones to Wagyu burgers. All of our meat goes through a rigorous quality control process and earns the highest USDA inspection marks.

We love meeting and educating our customers at truck events, shaking their hands, and sharing everything from preparation tips and flavor profiles to nutritional details about our steaks. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and customer satisfaction, and are truly humbled by our 4.9 star rating on Google from over 3,000 happy customers. We stand behind every item on our menu with a 100% guarantee.