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What can be better than hearing the sizzle of a great steak as it hits the hot grill?  The aroma as the smoke twists and turns up into the air hinting at what's to come? 

Well, to us, not much! That's why we created the Prime House Butchers Best Box for such occasions.

This bundle starts out with 4 flavorful Strip steaks, tender and juicy. Great for the grill and perfect to make kabobs or slice for fajitas. We then move on to 2 T-Bone steaks where you get the best of two cuts with a filet on one side and a NY Strip on the other. Mmmm, delicious.

Next up is what's known as the 'cowboy favorite', the Ribeye. We include 4 of these extremely flavorful, fork tender, and well marbled cuts. We then add even more to this steak package with the ultimate of all steaks, the Fillet. 6 cuts perfectly aged to ensure tenderness and lean with lots of intense beef flavor for the more health-conscious among us. As if all of these cuts weren't enough, we then throw in 8 beef steak patties for that perfect weekend grilling experience. 

The Prime House Butchers Best Box is one of our most popular offers and the best BUNDLE & SAVE value. Our variety case combines all our most popular hand cut steaks mentioned above:

  • 4 Strip, 10oz each
  • 2 T Bone, 14oz each
  • 4  Ribeyes, 10oz each
  • 6 Filets, 5oz each 
  • 8 Steak Patties, 5.33oz each

Grab this bundle package and enjoy a perfect grilling experience with our delicious prime hand cut steaks for dinner... delivered directly to your door! 

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