Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts Dad Will Actually Like

No, your dad doesn’t want another tie for Father’s Day. Put down the “#1 Dad” mug, too. 

Dads are hard to shop for. Your dad may not like the attention, or he’d rather you spend the money on yourself… which is exactly why he deserves a gift in recognition of all he does for you. 

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you really want to show your appreciation for the men in your life, give them the gift of delicious, top-quality meat from the Prime House Direct. 

Instead of letting your Father’s Day gift collect dust, check out these creative, thoughtful gifts that’ll warm your dad’s heart — and fill his belly. 

The Home Chef 

Is your dad always inviting you over to test out one of his new recipes? We have a gift idea that he’ll love, because it means he gets to spend even more time with you over dinner. 

For the dad who’s always experimenting in the kitchen, let his creativity run wild with our Big 3 Box. With a box filled with a variety of our best-selling proteins, he’ll be a steak expert in no time. Pair the gift with a nice set of grill tools and a promise that you’ll be over for dinner even more often. 

The Ultimate Football Fan 

Summer is a hard time for football fans. Your dad is probably moping around the house, counting the minutes until the first kickoff. While we can’t make football season come early, we can remind him that tailgating season isn’t so far away. Instead of getting your dad another jersey, create memories at the game together. 

Put together a tailgating cooler filled with everything you’ll need for the first big game of the year. Start with our Tailgate Box, which has burgers, chicken, and steaks to fuel you through every play. Then, fill the cooler with his favorite drinks, some merch from his favorite team, and tickets to watch the game together! With so much to look forward to, he’ll be able to make it through the summer sports slump. 

The Chill Dad

Your dad loves nothing more than a relaxed night to himself. You can almost picture him in his recliner, scrolling through the tv guide looking for the perfect movie to fall asleep to. We know this dad well, and we have the perfect gift for him.

Make his day with a delivery of pre-breaded chicken fingers and shrimp, which quickly heat up in the oven for a crispy, indulgent dinner. To celebrate, head over to his house, cook with him, and watch whatever movie he wants. This dad just wants a simple night in and quality time with you. 

The Life of the Party 

Your house was where your friends wanted to hang out growing up, and neighbors are always dropping by just to chat. You pretty much have to drag this dad home from any social outing. 

For the dad who loves to host a get-together, give him a box of ground beef burgers to serve at his next summer cookout. Along with his all-beef patties from Prime House Direct, wrap up a case of beer and a new speaker to make his next party a hit. 

The Picky Dad 

Is your dad hard to please? No matter what you get him, it gets returned the next day in exchange for what he really wants. 

He knows what he likes — let him pick it out for himself. Prime House Direct gift cards are a no-stress gift that is guaranteed to make your dad happy. You’re still recognizing his serious grilling talent while letting him take charge of the situation. 

The father figures in your life have guided you, cheered you on, and supported you — and truthfully, they don’t need a gift to know you love them. But even the dads who always say, “I don’t want anything,” want to feel like all their hard work is recognized. 

Prime House Direct is here to help you show your dad some extra appreciation this Father’s Day. Place your order or meet us at a truckload event to make your dad’s day.

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