Spring Cleaning: How to Prep Your Grill for the Season

As the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than pouring yourself a cold drink and firing up the grill. But before the fun gets started, you need to do some cleaning and maintenance to make sure your grill is ready for the season. 

Here’s how to clean and prep your grill in time for the summer.

Clean Your Grates 

The grates actually touch your food, so you’ll want them to be completely clean every time you use them, and deep cleaned between seasons. 

Crank up the heat on your grill to burn off any food that’s still stuck to your grates. If your grates are made with stainless steel, adding a layer of tin foil to the top will help with this process. 

For cast iron grates, you want to preserve the cast iron and prevent rust. After turning down the heat, use a soft bristle brush and minimal water to remove any lingering food, then rub the grates down with vegetable oil to season. 

Gas Grill 

Each type of grill requires a different level of maintenance (something important to consider when you’re purchasing a grill). Gas grills require a deep clean of each part of the grill using mild products. 

Turn the heat on high and let it sit for 15 minutes. Once you turn off the heat, dip a stiff wire brush in water and use it to clean the grate — but be careful of the steam. If there are any tough to clean spots, you can add dish soap to your water or grill cleaner to remove them. Once the grill fully cools, use a washcloth to wipe away residue or brush bristles that may have been left behind. 

Next, remove the grates and check inside your gas ports, using a dry wire brush and side-to-side motions to clear out any debris. Use soap and water to clean the inside of the grill and then towel it dry. 

Charcoal Grill 

Charcoal grills require the most maintenance to keep in working order, since ash forms at the bottom of the grill and can clog your vents. You’re going to want to clean out the ash after every use to prevent fire hazards and to better control the grill temperature. 

When the weather warms up, make sure to give your entire grill a good wash with soap and water or grill cleaner. Wipe down the entire bowl, inside and out, and thoroughly towel dry to prevent rusting. 

Pellet Grill 

Pellet grills are a favorite for their versatility — and they aren’t too hard to clean either. 

To start off the season right, remove your grill grates and let them soak in a bucket of soapy water. While those soak off, vacuum out any debris from the inside and then use a scrub brush on the drip pan and chimney cap. 

Give everything a final wipe down before you fire it up for the first time. 

Flat Top Grill

Probably the easiest grill to maintain, flat tops are a fun addition to your outdoor kitchen set up that are becoming more popular every year. 

Invite your friends over for an at-home hibachi party, and then start up the party prep by cleaning the grill. Simply crank up the heat and use dish soap or degreaser on the flat top to remove any stains or debris. 

Important Grill Maintenance Tips 

It’s not just about an aesthetically pleasing grill set up — maintaining your grill is important for your safety. Make sure to follow these important safety protocols as you spring clean your grill: 

    • Bristles from your grill brush can be dangerous. Make sure to thoroughly wipe down the cleaned areas with a rag after using a grill brush to remove bristles, or they may end up in your food (or worse, swallowed by a member of your family.

    • Replace your grill brush every year to reduce the risk of leaving behind bristles.

    • Protect your grill with a grill cover when not in use.

    • Be mindful of steam when cleaning a hot grill. 

If this is all overwhelming, there’s no shame in bringing in an expert to spring clean your grill for you. One way or another, keeping your grill clean year after year will increase its lifespan and improve the taste of your food. 

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