The Frankie Jackson Box


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When it came to backyard cookouts, Frankie Jackson was a local butcher and celebrity in our parts that had amazing cookouts that everyone wanted to go to. Frankie had a way with burgers, steaks, and chicken, and everyone knew it. Why? When he had a cookout, he was the talk of the town for the next week. Everyone asked, "when is your next cookout?!"

You too can have all your friends asking when your next cookout or family get-together is with the Frankie Jackson inspired box. 

Inside you'll find the Prime House steak burger and it doesn't get much better than this. One of our highest praised items, the Prime House steak burger is individually vacuumed packed to make cooking quick and easy and you the star. Next, our Boneless Italian Marinated Chicken Breast get raves whether they are grilled, backed, or cooked any way you prefer. They will delight your guests. 

Then end of this tour de force is the Prime House Filet. 6oz of melt in your mouth beef that is impossible to go wrong with. 

* 8 Steak Burgers, 5.33 oz 

* 8 Boneless Italian Marinated Chicken Breast

* 6 Filet Tenderloin, 5oz

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